My name is Yesica Corral from México. I am a self-taught artist, I have a major in Business and I am currently studying a master’s degree in engineering in Public Image.  Art is a form of expressing my identity.  The love for beautiful things has always accompanied me in all my designs.  When things are done with your heart, they are truly made.   I am my memories, my experiences, my beliefs, my projects, my dreams, my desires, I am all these.  This is what I have built through my life and of which I am very proud.  I am deeply grateful and blessed for the opportunity to do what I love, to reconnect and understand that the most important thing in my life lies in respecting my essence, that innate force that transcends the limits of the physical is about something deeper. Through my conscience I recognize my inner voice.   My essence is what makes me different, unique, and unrepeatable.  My intuition allows me to react in a coherent way and it is very revealing because I have learned to recognize my abilities, values, beliefs, and all this has helped me to be more creative. It is essential to balance my passions with my creativity to convey who I really am.